They say that good things come to those who wait, and for the masses who were wowed by the fact that a high definition TV could bend to become straight from its curved form factor, it looks as though you do not have far too long to wait any more. Samsung’s bendable TV is all set to debut this coming 1st of August in where else, but its home country of South Korea.

Just to refresh our memories, the 85” version of this bendable behemoth was spotted at CES earlier this year, but one ought to take note that the 1st of August release of this bendable TV will not be the 85” model, but rather, it will be a wee bit smaller at 78” in size. Would it make that much of a difference in your viewing experience? Not really, but I suppose for the extremely particular, it would.

There is still no word as to how much this particular model will cost when it finally arrives day after tomorrow in South Korea, but chances are with something of this magnitude and capability, it is not going to be cheap in the first place. Who do you think will win the duel of flexible TVs among the two South Korean behemoths? [Press Release]

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