samsung-logoIt was not too long ago that we brought you word on how the Samsung Galaxy Alpha could very well arrive with a 720p display, and as with all rumors, time will be able to either expose or confirm such rumors. As for the 720p display on the much rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it seems that the mentioned display’s resolution has been “confirmed”, courtesy of Samsung’s developer console.

Having said that, since there is no Quad HD display, let alone a Full HD display here, this means that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be far from being the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, but that is all right. After all, there are already more than enough flagship devices in the market at the moment, and us beleaguered customers and consumers do not need to have another one to befuddle our minds and make us all the more confused.

Other rumored hardware specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha include 32GB of internal memory to help you get started right out of the box, the lack of a microSD memory card slot which might just rub people the wrong way, a fingerprint scanner, as well as a metal rim. Any takers when this particular smartphone finally arrives on the market?

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