samsung-tizen-mwcSamsung has already delayed the release of their very first Tizen-powered smartphone at the beginning of this year, and for those who are looking forward to such a device, you might be in for more disappointment this time around. Apparently, the South Korean conglomerate has once again delayed the sales of its very first Tizen-powered smartphone, which would certainly be quite the setback in Samsung’s attempt to create some room for itself in the mobile operating system front with the likes of iOS and Android around.


While Samsung intended to sell the Samsung Z, a Tizen-powered smartphone in Russia some time this quarter, apparently those plans will need to be put on hold since Samsung has pointed out that additional time is required for Tizen’s app developers and apps to expand. Apart from that, there is also no more announcement made for a new release date, which more or less shows that the whole idea of a Tizen smartphone making it big has not gotten off on an auspicious start.

If you have been waiting for the Tizen smartphone, how many more delays are you willing to accept down the road, or is this the last straw for you? Would you settle for Android or iOS in that case?

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