soundsightWhen it comes to a pair of headphones, comfort ought to rank pretty high on the list of features in the eyes of consumers, in addition to the quality of audio delivered. Unless you are a professional musician, headphones that perform in the most basic manner ought to be enough, but SoundSight has come up with an interesting concept that delivers a 1080p camera, half a dozen microphones, voice control ability and an accelerometer, all crammed into its wireless set.


What makes the SoundSight headphones all the more interesting is this – it will be able to capture audio within the video from the wearer’s point of view, in addition to delivering livestreaming capabilities straight from the stage or studio.

In addition, there will also be a companion app for Android and iOS platforms, allowing one to play around with some editing to the recorded clip before you deem it suitable for public broadcasting over a social network of your choice. This is definitely one of the more interesting pairs of headphones that we have come across so far, that is for sure, and it does come in a lovely shade that lends an air of futuristic look. The SoundSight will be available for limited pre-order at $349, while the official launch kicks off in spring 2015 for $499.

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