Who would have thought that more than a couple of decades – perhaps closer to two and a half decades, after a game hit the SNES console, someone might have discovered a potential game changing bug? It would probably rank on the same scale as that of walking on water in Grand Theft Auto 5, except that in the case of Super Mario World, you would be able to spawn a usable Lakitu – the flying cloud, in your item box, which you can then harness its powers of flight to actually complete the game in double quick time.

This particular glitch will even enable you to skip a fair bit of animations when it comes to the last boss battle against Bowser, how about that for being one of the quirkier and yet game changing bugs to have been discovered? This particular glitch will require those finely honed reflexes of yours over the years to rediscover their old form, since it will make use of precise inputs in order to happen, so be prepared to lay down the patience card and give it a go.

Just what are some of the other game changing glitches in your gaming experience that you think should have been discovered sooner rather than later?

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