unuWhen it comes to our mobile devices these days, we do make sure that our respective devices are fully charged the night before so that we will be able to meet the next day’s challenges head on without having to worry about running low on juice, especially when it comes to a particularly important phone call or email. uNu Electronics, a smartphone accessories manufacturer, has made a name for itself in the world of portable batteries and charging cases, and intends to roll out the new Ultrapak range.


The new Ultrapak range will offer similar qualities of durability and portability as its predecessors, albeit with the improvement of being able to juice up the larger batteries within a short amount of time. Taking advantage of the company’s ULTRA-X technology, it will merge a premium battery which is extremely durable alongside an IC chip, which will manage the process for cells to charge in parallel.

This means the Ultrapak can charge up to 70% of its capacity in a matter of just 15 minutes, and the smart LED display will inform you of its load percentage as well as remaining time until it arrives at its maximum. Transferring juice to a power hungry device requires just a plain USB data cable, and that’s it. [Product Page]

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