UK-based luxury phone maker Vertu is giving you another excuse to throw serious money at it. Vertu and Bentley announced today that they have formed a partnership for five years under which they will jointly develop and release a new smartphone each year. Since Bentley itself is a luxurious car brand and a few can afford one can expect that whatever these two create won’t exactly be cheap. But for those who can afford the finer things in life, its an interesting development.

Bentley says that this series of luxury smartphones will be “distinguished by the unparalleled design, craftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and integrated technology” of both companies. Engineers from both camps will jointly develop these devices so we can expect to see some great design and finishes.

The first smartphone in this series is planned for launch this October. Bentley design elements and “luxury lifestyle services” are promised. Bentley owners will also get access to latest content for their cars while Vertu may also integrate its Concierge service.

Most of Vertu’s smartphones cost north of $10,000. Given that Bentley’s brand is attached to this series its unlikely that these smartphones would cost any less. Then again, if you can buy a $100,000+ Bentley, you won’t bat an eyelid when spending a fraction of that for a new phone.

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