A new update has been released today for Vine’s mobile applications on Android and iOS which adds loop counts to a video. This change will also be visible to users on the web who use the service’s website to watch six-second clips. Its a simple solution that will let people know just how popular any particular Vine, all they need to do is spare a glance for the loop counter.

The purpose of Loop counts is to show how many times a video has been looped, by that it means how many times the six-second clip has been played over. The counter will accumulate stats from plays on Vine’s app as well as embeds across the internet.

Users wouldn’t have to wait to see the number update. Vine loop counter will update in real time thus providing users with a sense of how quickly the short video is becoming popular

Today’s update also brings a redesigned home feed for the iOS and Android applications, it now offers bigger edge-to-edge videos and a much more cleaner view of comments and likes. The Activity Feed has been revamped to make it easier for users to find out the activity on their views. New and Older Activity on Vines is now separated and a notification will also be pushed when a Vine crosses a milestone, such as 25 or 100 likes.

Vine for iOS and Android is available as a free download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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