wd red 6tbIf you’re the sort that needs a lot of storage and you’d rather just buy one big hard drive as opposed to multiple hard drives, then you might be pleased to learn that Western Digital has begun shipping two new 6TB hard drives. Now we know what you’re thinking, 6TB is going to be expensive, and normally you would be right, except that in this case they’re not.


Western Digital has released two new 6TB hard drives as part of their Red and Green lineup. If you need the drive for more enterprise purposes with more NAS and error correction features, then the WD Red model will be the one for you, and for 6TB it will only set you back $299. As for the WD Green, which is aimed at those looking for lower power consumption, it will retail for $279.

Granted it’s still more expensive than regular hard drives but for 6TB, we reckon it’s quite a steal. To put it into perspective, Western Digital’s HGST unit has a 6TB drive called the Ultrastar HE6 which is priced at $477. Seagate’s own 6TB hard drive is also priced at $299, but with Western Digital you get the option of the Green model which is $20 cheaper.

Both drives have been designed to be used in 3.5-inch enclosures in desktops along with external storage systems. So if you’re looking for new hard drives with lots of storage capacity, perhaps Western Digital’s 6TB hard drives could be worth checking out.

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