aoe-castle-siegeBack in the day when the rest of your mates were playing StarCraft and having the best time of their lives, you joined in on the fun, too, but did not share with them that you have a penchant for Age of Empires from Microsoft. After all, they would have looked at you like you were some sort of social pariah. I will admit that Age of Empires is a solid real time strategy game, it is just that the title did not really manage to make inroads due to the juggernaut known as StarCraft. Well, since good things always come to those who wait, here we are with word that Age of Empires: Castle Siege is about to make its way to the Windows Phone 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1 platforms this coming September.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege will deliver features that you have come to know and love from the classic Age of Empires titles, where it will comprise of half a dozen medieval civilizations that include the likes of Britons, Teutons and Kievan Rus. Where multiplayer is concerned, this title will be able to support Xbox Live achievements as well as cross-platform gameplay with other Windows and Windows Phone users.

The game can be downloaded without requiring you to fork out a single cent, but do bear in mind that this will come with a catch, by virtue of it being a freemium game. Basically, Microsoft will introduce in-game purchases for the purpose of “accelerated gameplay.” It will be at least 168MB in size to download, and Windows Phone users ought to remain connected through Wi-Fi before downloading the title.

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