Back in 2017, Microsoft confirmed that they would be working on a new Age of Empires game. The franchise hasn’t really seen any new titles in recent times, although Microsoft has been trying to keep interest in it renewed by launching remasters of existing titles. This includes the first Age of Empires and at E3 2019, Microsoft also confirmed Age of Empires II would be getting a remaster.

So, what about Age of Empires 4? What happened to the game that was announced in 2017? For those who might be worried about the state of the game, you can rest assured that Microsoft has not cancelled it. In fact, speaking to PC Gamer in an interview during E3, Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer reassured fans that development on the game was doing just fine and that they are making good progress with it.

He also revealed that Microsoft will be revealing more information about the game later this year, so despite it not making an appearance at E3 2019, it seems that we can still expect to learn more about it soon enough.

According to Spencer, “So it was cool for us to be able to have a such a full show, and have some things like Age 4 that have been announced but haven’t been shown in a while, other things that maybe aren’t announced, to still be able to have those continue to drive excitement both through the year and potentially even next year’s E3. But we’ll talk more about Age 4, yeah.”

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