Age of Empires was one of the early RTS games that was released back in the day and is considered by many to be a classic. As you can imagine the release of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was probably great news for quite a few gamers, what with all the various improvements made to it.

However there is a catch and that is the game is exclusive to Windows 10 computers via the Microsoft Store. This means that gamers on Steam and other platforms will be missing out, which some have expressed some unhappiness over. However in an interview with PCGamesN, Microsoft explained the reason why the game isn’t on Steam.

According to the game’s creative director Adam Isgreen, this isn’t about avoiding competition, but rather Microsoft wanted to “just want to make the best version of the game that we can at this point.” He also suggested that the game as it is at the moment “doesn’t necessarily have all the functionality we would want if we were to bring it to Steam.”

However this doesn’t mean that Microsoft is closed off to the idea of the game arriving on Steam or other platforms. Isgreen states that once the build is finished, the team will “figure out if we go somewhere else from there or not.” This is not a guarantee but we guess it’s good that Microsoft isn’t completely closed off to the idea.

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