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There is nothing quite as scary as having your personal details and information stolen and misused by those with less than altruistic intentions. This means that security on software and apps on mobile devices ought to have the security aspect all sewn up right from the very beginning, although there is always a possibility that a loophole might be left open somewhere. Facebook realizes this and the social networking giant has just announced that they will be rolling out an update to the iOS app which will finally patch up a flaw in the app that enables phone calls to be made without the need for the user’s prior permission – or knowledge, for that matter.

It looks like security issues are not only limited to Android apps, as the Facebook iOS app, too, has its fair share of potential security loopholes such as the one mentioned above. Andrei Neculaesei, a developer at Copenhagen-based Airtame, was the one behind the discovery of this iOS bug that could actually land you in some hot soup with your mobile carrier when the next bill comes, especially when long distance phone calls are made without your awareness. While Facebook has already announced that they have developed an update that will fix this security threat; there has been no release date for such a fix just yet. Patience is the name of the game here.

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