google-chromebox-meetings-26iOS and Android users who use Chrome can probably appreciate how it syncs their bookmarks and browsing history with the desktop version of the browser, and if you’re a Windows Phone user looking to get some Chrome love from Google, well don’t hold your breath because it seems that there are no plans to bring Chrome onto Windows Phone anytime soon.

This is according to Google Software Engineer, Carlos Pizano, who confirmed that would indeed be the case. According to Pizano, “[There are] No current plans that I am aware of. Chrome needs more privileges than a regular metro app so there is no simple port.” There are some who don’t believe Google’s reason, stating that if they could bring Chrome onto iOS, there shouldn’t be an issue bringing it onto Windows Phone.

However whether the reasoning Google gave is legitimate one or not, safe to say that Google and Microsoft don’t particularly have the best relationship. In the past there have been some issues regarding Google’s YouTube app on Windows Phone, where Google blocked the app from being run, and at one point even added the “nomobile” tag to the mobile YouTube site, thus resulting in a less-than-satisfactory experience.

It is unclear if Google will ever bring Chrome onto Windows Phone, but like we said if you’re a fan of Chrome but you’re using Windows Phone, you could be in for a wait.

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