streetview -accidentThe bigger they are, the harder they fall. If you think that being blessed with all the technology and money in the world is going to help you avoid any kind of mishaps down the road, think again. Here we are with word that Google’s Street View car, complete with an array of cameras to help capture photos so that you can have a general idea on what the surrounding area looks like from the comfort of your computer itself, apparently drove down the wrong side of a one way street in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Google Street View car driver, 29-year old Alexander Spurr, made a wrong turn onto Tyler Street and eventually crashed into another vehicle after realizing his mistake as he made a U-turn prior to making an attempt to merge onto a cross street.

It is nice to hear that there was no serious injury that resulted in the subsequent accident, but the victim of Spurr’s snafu was 22-year-old Dylan Case, who walked away from the accident with some wounded pride, in addition to claiming at least $2,000 worth of damage to his ride, while the Google Street View vehicle had “suffered” from approximately $1,500 in damage. Case rightly said, “Something better come out of Google’s pocket for this.”

Do bear in mind that this is not the first accident involving a Street View car, and it does not look like it will be the last, either.

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