hp logoWhile Windows 8 might be the latest operating system from Microsoft, it seems that the Redmond company is having a hard time trying to convince its OEM partners to promote and use the operating system. In fact it seems in HP’s latest round of advertising and promotions, the company has focused on Windows 7, instead of Windows 8.

HP recently sent out emails to its customers where they are boasting about the availability of Windows 7 on their computers, both desktops and laptops. This is actually not the first time that HP has “ditched” Windows 8 in favor of Windows 7. Apparently they find that promoting computers with Windows 7 helps to generate more interest than Windows 8.

In some ways this isn’t too surprising. After all Windows 8 is quite a big change from Windows 7 and many users who are familiar with the Windows operating system in general might be thrown off with Windows 8’s new UI and the changes that Microsoft has made. Net Applications also found that Windows 7 currently accounts for about 50% of all computers around the world, and this was taken from last month, so that is saying a lot.

However with Windows 9 on the horizon, perhaps Microsoft will be able to create a version of Windows which will be well-received by the masses, but what do you guys think? Are you still holding out on upgrading to Windows 8? Or have you fully embraced Microsoft’s latest OS?

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