jolla-third-osWhen it comes to the market share of a particular product, competition can get pretty tough. So far, we do see Android leading the smartphone market with a whopping 84.7%, while Apple remains in second place with a 11.7% share, and Microsoft’s efforts with their Windows Phone platform stands at a paltry 2.5%.That would leave the remaining 1.1% of the market to be shared by the rest. Jolla from Finland, the company that was formed by ex-Nokia employees, happens to fall into the “Others” category with its Jolla handset that runs on the Sailfish OS, saw its chairman Antti Saarnio step forward to claim that the Sailfish OS occupies third spot.

During the recent launch of the Jolla Phone on the Three network in Hong Kong, Saarnio said, “A wise man said nine months ago that the third mobile operating system is coming any day now. That man was Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man. As Jolla launches today the Jolla smartphone with Hutchison Telecommunications, I claim that the day is today.”

This means Saarnio has indirectly placed Jolla’s Sailfish OS above that of Windows Phone and even BlackBerry, where the latter has been consigned to the non-entity bin by many already. What do you make of this claim? Does Saarnio know something that nobody else does?

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