vsennSmartphones move along at such a breakneck speed these days, that what used to be a new model just earlier this month might end up usurped by another from a different manufacturer this week. This means that the smartphone “arms race” continues its pace, and for those who absolutely must have the very best all the time, Vsenn has come up with a modular phone so that you can upgrade the parts that you think need improvement – as and when available, of course. Having said that, Vsenn’s idea of a customizable or modular smartphone would also extend to include software customization, where users will eventually be given the choice to select an operating system of their choice, such as CyanogenMod, or other kinds of Android launchers.

This is seen to be a rare move since customers rarely have the chance to do so – selecting the operating system on their smartphones. This is good news since those who would love to install custom Android ROMs will no longer need to worry about voiding your warranty. Vsenn is currently hoping to find out just what kind of operating system that you would like to see be part of its ARP program, where the initial three options happen to be Sailfish OS, Firefox OS, and Ubuntu, without any mention of Tizen at the moment. [Press Release]

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