While computers, word processors, and laser printers have long replaced the need for typewriters, there are some out there who still enjoy the feel of the typewriter keys under their fingers and the style/look that it gives off. However kids these days probably have no idea what a typewriter is, which is what the folks at The Fine Bros decided to find out.

In their latest video, The Fine Bros brought out an old school typewriter and placed it in front of children, asking them the usual questions of what is it, have you heard of it before, do you know what it does, and so on. Safe to say that there are some who have never seen a typewriter before which makes for some pretty hilarious comments.

In fact some of the kids even made comparisons between the typewriter and more modern day inventions, like the iPad and MacBook. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen The Fine Bros use old technology to test the knowledge of children and to see if said old technology has had any impact on our future generation.

In the past we’ve seen how kids react to the original Nintendo Game Boy, the rotary phone, and at one point they turned the tables by asking what the elderly thought of the Google Glass. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, then perhaps this is a video worth checking out just for laughs (or to make you feel old)!

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