We’re living in the age where smartphones are just everywhere. In fact some people don’t even use their landlines since they have their phones with them all the time, making it more convenient than having to run to the phone every time it rings.

However back in the day, the good old days, landlines were extremely common and phones were big and huge, not like the sleek and more digital models we see today. In fact rotary phones were all the rage back then, which is why it is interesting to see how kids react to such technology in today’s day and age.

In a recent video uploaded by TheFineBros, they basically gave a bunch of kids aged 5 to 13 a rotary phone and asked them what it was. For the most part the kids knew that it was a telephone as they have seen it in books and movies, but as to how it functioned, well most of them were pretty clueless.

For those unfamiliar with rotary phones, you basically had to stick your finger in the hole of the number u want to dial, rotate it one round, let it swing back, go to the next number, rinse and repeat. Most kids in the video were truly amazed at how long and troublesome it was to place a call, and we can’t say we blame them!

The kids were then asked if they knew what a dial tone was, and what a busy signal was, and for the most part most of them were relatively clueless. They were even shocked to learn about long-distance phone calls where it would cost more to call out of state.

If you can recall fond memories of the rotary phone, then watching this video will definitely make you feel very, very old!

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