A few months ago there was a video where they filmed childrens’ reactions to using a rotary phone. Now some of us have used rotary phones growing up, so we know how they work. Children, on the other hand, have grown up with regular phones, or even smartphones so the concept of a dial just seems so foreign.

That being said, it seems that TheFineBros are back with a new video, and instead of seeing how children react to technology, they filmed how the elderly react to more modern technology, like Google Glass. It’s quite polarizing since the previous video was kids reacting to technology that the elders were familiar with, and now the video shows how the elderly react to technology that these children would probably be more familiar with.

Given that Google Glass does not appear to be your typical pair of glasses, some of the participants had some difficulty putting them on. However some were pretty game and played along, treating it like some kind of sci-fi gadget they might have seem in a sci-fi flick like Star Trek or Star Wars. Either way the results are pretty hilarious.

While the video was probably made with humor in mind, we guess companies like Google can probably learn from this, especially if they’re hoping to capture audiences across all ages. In the meantime if you have some time to spare, check out the video above to see how the elderly react to Google Glass.

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