kinect-for-windows2Microsoft took a rather bold decision of not bundling the Kinect sensor with their latest console, the Xbox One, on store shelves, and yet this strategic move was not enough to sway the tide of popular opinion when it comes to the current generation console war, as the Sony PS4 has continued to sell in droves that even Sony executives are at a loss for an explanation, after taking into consideration how close both the Xbox One and Sony PS4 are in terms of performance. Having said that, Microsoft has decided to make available the Kinect sensor to purchase as a standalone device for $149, and this will happen some time in early October, where some rumors are flying around with an October 6 date.

This timing has been touted to be ideal, since it would be a time where the holiday season is starting to gain momentum over in the U.S. as well as other countries worldwide. Apart from that, if you already know someone who has an Xbox One, and have no idea on what Christmas gift to get this year, surely the Kinect sensor is a no brainer?

We would assume that the standalone Kinect can be purchased from stores such as Best Buy, Target, and Microsoft, in the same manner one would be able to waltz in and pick up an Xbox One console. It remains to be seen what the regional availability for the stand-alone Kinect is like as at press time.

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