google-nexus-logoThere were rumors of the upcoming Motorola Shamu being the Nexus 6, before some other later rumors claimed otherwise. Regardless, it looks like one thing is for sure – the Nexus X that is about to be announced soon? It will not be the same as the Nexus 6, or so this is where the latest rumor has led our noses to. The Nexus X is touted for a release somewhere around Halloween, without any huge fanfare or announcement to boot.

Do take into consideration that the name Nexus X has yet to be made official, although it is being touted internally by folks over at Motorola, citing that this device will carry the model number XT1100. Many other outlets have also been making use of the name Nexus 6 simply because it happens to be the sixth Nexus device in line, sporting a 5.9” display. Still, Google will most probably avoid such a name due to trademark issues.

As for the pricing details of the upcoming Nexus X, that too, is up in the air, and your guess is as good as ours. Do you think that the next generation of Nexus X device will be revolutionary as much as it will be evolutionary? Only time will tell, so stay tuned!

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