Old Trafford, also known as the Theater of Dreams, has listed down the iPad and the iPad mini, as well as other tablets, as a prohibited item whenever Manchester United plays a home game. Isn’t this crazy? Also known as the Red Devils, Manchester United is one of the most well known sporting franchises worldwide, sporting constantly sold out home games. While fans would bring their fair share of devices to record their Old Trafford experience, it looks as though tablets are now out of the picture – as a new list of prohibited items include electronic devices that measures over 150mm x 100mm.

Both the iPad and iPad mini were specifically mention in the prohibited items list, although other tablets that are larger than 150mm x 100mm, too, would fall under a similar rule. Will there be exceptions? Perhaps, since the media might find this particular ruling to be rather stifling in nature.

This is not the first time that a sporting franchise has banned the iPad from their home games, as the New York Yankees also did the same in 2010, as the Yankees cited that security concerns provided adequate reasons for such a ban to be in place, although said ban has since been knocked out of the park after a couple of years.

You can still use your smartphone to capture selfies and other future memorable goals, too, as Louis van Gaal and team marches through the tunnel later this season.

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