Earlier this year a nascent company based in China emerged on the scene. It ran a massive hype campaign to raise awareness for what it claimed to be the “flagship killer.” One aspect of that campaign was to limit the ways one could purchase a OnePlus One, so the company only gave out invites in a limited number. It did say at one point that the smartphone might be offered for sale without invites by September. Now though it looks like customers who have been waiting for a non-invite based purchase system will have to wait until October.

In a OnePlus AMAA session on the Android subreddit, the company confirmed that it is looking to do away with the invite system. OnePlus said that it was initially aiming to have the new system in place by September but due to slight delays potential customers will have to wait until October. The company will move away from an invite based system to a pre-order system.

What this means is that customers will no longer have to wait for an invite. Instead they’ll be able to place a pre-order and then wait for the device to be shipped. If all goes well the new system should be in place by October, barring any unforeseen delays.

OnePlus recently launched a social media promotion campaign through which it wanted to dole out invites but that campaign imploded and became the reason for much criticism. Moving to a new system will certainly rid the company of these headaches.

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