Robots are supposed to help us humans across different dimensions of life, such as being a useful bellhop whenever human resources run scarce at a hotel, or perhaps rendering your job useless if you flip burgers to earn a little bit of extra income on the side. This particular robot, however, goes on the offensive if you decide to actually touch it. Given the nickname of being the ‘Scare Bear’ robot, it will be able to send a jolt that has been measured at a whopping 25,000 volts to anything that touches it.

Forget the Care Bears – this ‘Scare Bear’ robot is not going to send out any shiny rainbow beams from its torso, but rather, it sends a warning to those around by blinking its eyes, while its body and head will be able to rotate from side to side while a siren is let off, screaming to warn all in its path.

The 25,000 volts of electricity will be delivered via a swinging chain, and the creation of this robot has been attributed to a Turkish farmer who has gotten sick and tired of having real bears mess up his crops. 46-year-old farmer and inventor Mustafa Karasungur’s creation is not all doom and gloom, however, as it can also double up as a mobile power station when it comes to juicing up depleted batteries or to power a light.

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