StatCounter-Windows-8-market-shareIt seems like a coincidence but with every other version of Windows Microsoft has released, it has proven to be a bigger hit than its successor. For example Windows XP was a hit, but Windows Vista was not. Windows 7 was a hit and Windows 8 is still struggling to be adopted. In fact it seems that some OEMs claim that Windows 7 makes it easier to sell products compared to Windows 8.

That being said, adoption of Windows 8 is slowly on the rise. According to recent numbers released by StatCounter, they have revealed that Windows 8’s worldwide desktop market share has finally managed to surpass that of Windows XP. The combination of Windows 8 at 7.35% and Windows 8.1 at 8.2% have allowed the OS to surpass Windows XP which is sitting at 14.31%.

Given that Windows XP is now officially no longer supported and given how old it is, we’re not sure if this is a very encouraging sign for Microsoft and the Windows 8 operating system. As you can see in the chart above, Windows 7 is clearly still reigning supreme as the dominant operating system.

Microsoft is expected to introduce Windows 9 by the end of next month and there are many changes that the Redmond company will be making to the platform. Hopefully Windows 9 will come with the changes and new features that Windows users can get on board with and hopefully it will be a lot more successful compared to Windows 8.

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