swatch-smartwatchI am quite sure that many of us do own a Swatch at least once in our lifetime, which is the mass producer of Swiss-made timepieces, which are not exactly the most expensive Swiss timepieces in the world, but then again, they definitely are not cheap compared to a regular over-the-counter wristwatch. Apart from that, we know that companies need to evolve from time to time to remain relevant, and Swatch might see smartwatches as a threat – which is why word on the street has it that they are going to take the plunge into such a market as well.

After all, smartwatches do seem to carry a price tag that is on par with some of Swatch’s iconic luxury range, and the former carries a novelty factor to it that might see potential Swatch customers move over to a rival platform. Apart from that, analysts have estimated that over the course of the next couple of years, smartwatches eat into up to 10% of Swatch’s affordable range, while their mid-range timepieces could lose 5% of their market share, too. I guess it is time for Swatch to enter the smartwatch market, and not make a hash out of it along the way. They should be fine, for now at least.

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