T-Mobile-Device-Unlock-AppAbout a while ago, it was rumored that T-Mobile was preparing an app that would allow its users to unlock their phones purchased from the carrier. Well the good news is that it looks like the rumors were right on the money because T-Mobile has officially launched their Device Unlocked app.

The app is free for download via the Google Play Store although at this time of writing, it seems that it is only compatible with one device – the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Avant. We’re not sure if T-Mobile plans to add support for their older devices or newer ones, but for now it looks like only Galaxy Avant owners will get to enjoy the feature.

However as noted by some, the app can be downloaded and installed on other devices, but it will not function meaning that you’re left with a dud, but like we said, here’s hoping that T-Mobile will add more phones to the support list later. The app comes at a good time too, especially with cellphone unlocking becoming legal again.

We should point out that there are some caveats with the app. As noted by TmoNews, users will have to meet eligibility requirements before their phone can be unlocked. The app also offers up two types of unlocking – temporary and permanent. Presumably the latter is for those who are traveling and need to insert a local SIM card, while the latter could be for users whose contract has ended.

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