tesla-s-remote-startIt looks like there is more than meets the eye where the all-electric Tesla Model S car is concerned, considering this 2014 ride will be able to play nice with an Apple iPhone. And by that, I mean the iOS-powered smartphone will be able to get the Tesla Model S started, now how about that? For those of you who are still on the side of Google and its Android mobile operating system, it is not a time to be a headless chicken at the moment, since it is mentioned that there is a version for Android in the pipeline at the moment, although the release date has yet to be determined, and it remains to be seen whether this remote start feature will be enabled to boot.

I am quite sure that one of the major issues concerning the ability to start your car with a smartphone would be that of security. If one were to steal your iPhone, would they be able to drive away with your ride as well? Perhaps not, as there is speculation going around that Tesla will enable Apple’s Touch ID API so that one will have to go through a fingerprint match before starting the car.

Apart from that, you are unable to drive the Tesla remotely with the iPhone, like what James Bond did for this BMW 750iL via his Sony Ericsson handset.

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