Are you fond of using Uber? Its a service that puts you in touch with drivers through an app which can be summoned at the push of a button. If you happen to find yourself in the back of an Uber car often and feel that the rides are often lonely, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing the ride with someone who is going the same way. That’s exactly what the company is banking on by introducing a new feature called UberPool.


The idea behind this feature is very simple, think of it as splitting a cab. With UberPool you will be able to split the cost with someone else who is going on the same route. Everything else is the same.

When the app finds a match that’s willing to take a ride with you on a particular route their first name will be displayed within the app, which will also show who the driver is going to pick up first. If the app is unable to find an UberPool match the user would receive a discount on the ride.

UberPool is being rolled out immediately in private beta. Through beta the company will train drivers and look at feedbacks from the beta users. Uber says that Google is going to be joining in on the beta but doesn’t explain in what way. The beta will be expanded to a larger group starting August 15th.

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