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If what we have heard up till now is true then Microsoft is going to officially unveil Windows 9 in April next year. The date and timing might be off but its widespread belief that the company wants to put Windows 8 behind it and start afresh with a completely new iteration. Windows 9 a.k.a Threshold is just that. Numerous details about the iteration have already leaked online and a new report published today claims that virtual desktops would be one of the features that Threshold brings.

Virtual desktops are exactly what they appear to be. The feature is useful for people who don’t use multiple monitors but would like to not be swamped with everyone on one single desktop. So they can create virtual desktops and clear up the clutter. This certainly won’t be new, both Ubuntu and OS X allow users to create virtual desktops.

According to Neowin, Microsoft is currently testing this feature for Windows 9. Users will be able to create a new virtual desktop through a button on the taskbar and they will be able to jump between active desktops using a keyboard shortcut. Its possible though that this feature may not make it out of the testing phase. Microsoft may also choose to not include it in the initial release and roll it out later through a separate update.

It is still too soon to be sure what Windows 9 a.k.a Threshold is going to bring. What we do know is that we have to wait until for a few months to get a glimpse of the future of Windows.

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