windows9leak1We have heard the rumors that Microsoft could be working on a new version of Windows called Windows 9/Threshold. One of the features that Microsoft could be implementing could be Cortana which would see the Windows Phone voice assistant brought onto PCs. Other changes also includes a new Start Menu and while Microsoft did tease a design earlier this year, new screenshots from myce have revealed that those changes could be quite extensive.

As you can see in the screenshot, Microsoft has named this particular build Windows 8.1 Pro, although it is believed that this build we are looking at could be the rumored Windows 9/Threshold that we have been hearing about recently and that the Windows 8.1 Pro is just a placeholder name until then.

The screenshot also shows off the Metro-style apps that have been pinned to the Start Menu, and according to The Verge, they believe that the screenshot is the real deal. In fact they claim that in some development versions, the Start Menu can actually expand and fill up the screen, sort of like the Start Screen found in Windows 8.

Microsoft is also expected to release Windows 9/Threshold in 2015, so based on that, the rumors we have been hearing about a unified operating system might not be happening anytime soon, but in the meantime what do you guys make of the screenshot?

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