xiaomi-logoApple is for sure a definite trendsetter, and Xiaomi has just proven this through a report that was published in South Korea, touting that Xiaomi is on the lookout for sapphire glass displays. This report claims that Xiaomi has plans to make use of at least 50,000 of such displays, where these sapphire glass displays will most probably see action on a limited edition high-end handset, and if all things go well and the planets are properly aligned, this alleged smartphone could very well be released before 2014 clocks out.

Why sapphire displays? Well, sapphire happens to be one of the hardest materials on the face of the earth, and only diamonds are harder than that. It is a whole lot better than Corning’s Gorilla Glass of course, but then again, such quality indeed comes with a price – which is one that some people might balk at.

Well, if you want something that is a whole lot more affordable and yet has a sapphire glass display, look no further than the Kyocera Brigadier from Verizon if you are in the US. The device’s display has been described to be “virtually scratchproof and protects from a screen-first drop onto rocks, where tests show it less likely to break than strengthened touch-panel glass.”

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