yahoo-encrypted-emailIt looks as though with all of the hacking that is going around us these days, one can never be too paranoid or careful when it comes to protecting what precious personal information that we have online. This applies to your email account too, and Yahoo has announced that their Yahoo Mail service will be encrypted end-to-end from some time next year onward. As to the exact date and month when that will happen, it remains to be seen, so it would be best to take this piece of news in with a whole lot of patience.

Both Yahoo and Google have promised their mail service users that their respective inboxes will gain an additional perspective of security. Right now, there are over 425 million Gmail users and approximately 273 million Yahoo Mail users.

In 2015, Yahoo Mail will be encrypted end-to-end, as well as compatible with the end-to-end encryption which Google is currently developing to have it applied to their Gmail service. Earlier this year, we learned that Yahoo has begun to encrypt webmail at the data center level, although in 2015, we ought to be able to see encrypted emails being sent between accounts.

The goal of webmail encryption is important enough to both Google and Yahoo that they are going to combine their resources to make this vision happen.

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