imacIt does look as though there are more rumors that continue to surround the company known as Apple as well as its products, with one of the rumors pointing to a possible 27” iMac that will be equipped with a 5K Retina display. Apparently, word on the street has it that this particular machine will be released later this fall, so it is one rumor that can be confirmed (or debunked, depending on the result) as long as one is patient enough to let the passage of time get the job done.

While there is no smoke if there is no fire, not all rumors which surround an Apple device will turn out to be true eventually. The details of this particular rumor hails from a certain LCD researcher known as WitsView, and it was cited by DigiTimes of Taiwan – which so happens to have had more misses than hits where Apple-connected rumors are concerned.

Apart from whispers of such a possible machine hitting the market before the year is over, there were scant little details about the other configurations. Perhaps the iMac might be part of the upcoming “Ultra HD” onslaught that is set to arrive before 2014 calls it quits. A 5K iMac will definitely not be easy on your wallet, taking into consideration how the average price of a 28” Ultra HD monitor stood at $630 last month.

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