classic-kb-shortcutThe BlackBerry Classic has raised a fair amount of attention in recent times, with leaks appearing from here and there, raising anticipation of what could very well see BlackBerry fans return to the platform that they once loved and adored, only to ditch it when the going got tough. Having said that, when BlackBerry transformed QNX into BlackBerry 10, it also removed the much loved keyboard shortcuts, and these shortcuts helped users to tap or double tap on a single key in order to achieve something. It looks like keyboard shortcut options might be back with the BlackBerry Classic.

The BlackBerry 10.3 SDK did show off how making use of a long press on select keys would be able to help you shave some user time off as you took advantage of a shortcut. This means old school features that the BlackBerry Classic will reintroduce to a (hopefully) new generation of BlackBerry lovers would be shortcuts, among others. In fact, chances are pretty good that you can even come up with your very own shortcuts by using long presses.

These shortcuts will allow you to load an app, to compose a new message, or perhaps dial in on a frequently called contact. Exciting times are ahead! Do expect to see these new shortcuts arrive on the BlackBerry Classic first before they appear on other models through BlackBerry 10.3.1.

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