ff15-trailerIt looks like the folks over at Square Enix are not sparing any expense at all when it comes to making sure that this year’s showing at the Tokyo Game Show is going to appeal to just about anyone and everyone. After all, it has just been announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, a title that will arrive on the Xbox One in North America later next March 17, 2015, will come with a $59.95 price tag. However, what makes this particular title all the more alluring is the additional “carrot” that Square Enix has thrown into the mix – each purchase of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be accompanied by a voucher code that will feature a playable demo of the upcoming and highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

The demo will be known as Final Fantasy XV -EPISODE DUSCAE, where gamers will be able to familiarize themselves with the game’s opening areas. Do bear in mind, however, that the story flow might not be what one will see in the end product, since this is still a demo, and there is more room for tweaking and changes by the folks over at Square Enix. In other words, this is a very special kind of demo experience, and surely it is worth checking out – not to mention that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD offers a more than decent gaming experience in the first place. [Press Release]

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