imac-2012-speakersAccording to the rumors, Apple could be getting ready to launch new 5K Thunderbolt displays and possibly 5K iMacs as well. However according to our previous report, it was suggested that this might not be possible due to the DisplayPort 1.2 standard that is being used. Well the good news is that it looks like these 5K displays could be back on track.

According to a post by VESA (via 9to5Mac), they have recently announced that they are introducing their latest DisplayPort technology that would effectively bump the version to DisplayPort 1.3. This will bring support to 5K monitors thanks to its maximum link bandwidth having been increased to 32.4Gbps.

This allows 5K support without the need for compression methods and through a single cable as well. On top of that, users with 4K monitors are also expected to see enhanced performance as well. It would seem that VESA’s announcement of the DisplayPort 1.3 standard has come at a good time, especially with the rumored 5K displays from Apple.

The Thunderbolt display has not been updated in years and a leap to 5K might not necessarily come as a complete surprise. In fact Dell themselves have recently unveiled a 5K display of their own. In any case it remains to be seen if Apple will announce such displays/computers, so do check back with us later on in the year for the details.

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