delivery-startupWhen the proverbial seven year itch strikes, many a time one would want to try something new. Perhaps it is time for a change in your career, or perhaps to take a different direction that will open up the doors to new frontiers. Having said that, for those who have personally enjoyed the local Apple Store in recent times, you would have to credit former Apple executive Ron Johnson for the job that he has done in the past. It looks as though Johnson intends to make a comeback to the retail scene, and he intends to do so with a brand new startup that will offer “a high-end, on-demand delivery service for gadgets.”

After Johnson managed to help grow Apple’s retail empire to the juggernaut that it is today, he subsequently quit to be the CEO at department store J.C. Penney. His attempt at relaunching J.C. Penney with more stable prices as well as micro-shop strategy was a courageous one, but unfortunately, the company and him did not see eye-to-eye after 18 months thereabouts, letting him go in the process.

Johnson is not one to sit still, as his most recent idea sounds like a merger of Apple’s Online Store and FedEx, but hey, with another potential door opening up to help one gain a wider amount of access to additional gadgets, this can only be a good thing for us consumers.

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