[DLD] ARCHIMEDICX launched today at the DLD Innovation Festival. The company claims to be the ” the first intelligent and objective global hospital search engine”, with a “patient centric approach”.

Composed of millions of data points, ARCHIMEDICX database allows people to search, in nine languages, for the best hospital on the planet for their medical needs, in order to find better, faster and cheaper treatment. The software provides a number of criteria including budget, waiting time, language, food and compares the parameters to generate a reliable score for each healthcare facility listed in ARCHIMEDICX’s system.

The methodology is certified by HIMSS Europe, a subsidiary of HIMSS International,  a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improve healthcare using Information Technology.

We all know that health is among the top topic researched online, and according to the company 80% of Internet users are searching for medical information in the U.S.

Check the video demo below and our Q&A with ARCHIMEDICX co-founder.

Q&A with Moni Milchman, CEO, Archimedicx


Moni Milchman, CEO and co-founder Archimedicx

How did you come to the idea of Archimedicx?

It all started about 4 years ago after a family tragedy.

My sister had to go to hospital for a very simple operation. She was supposed to be released the same day. She was released 3 days later in a coma. 18 months later she died.

At this time, I was working as Hospital Architect.

What was your first step within the idea of Archimedicx?

I started a group a medical researchers and scientists to look after all information around the world about hospitals and medical specialties.

Then I did reverse engineering to understand what qualities would influence the renown of a hospital.

It took about 18 months to a team of scientists and I to find the universal elements to compare hospitals around the world.

What did you do with your elements?

We, or my team of engineers built an algorithm.

Then we worked with HIMMS (non-profit company based in Chicago). They confirmed that we were the first ever to work in that field.

You have today a company with 25 managers and over 100 workers. How did you finance it?

From the start it was my money. Then Ron Zuckerman accepted to help and became co-founder of Archimedicx.

In few words, what is Archimedicx today?

It is The Revolution of Medical Information

At this very day Archimedicx is the biggest medical database in the world and a totally independent research website.

Anyone in need of medical information abroad or at home can plug in our website totally free of charge. The results are customized to the consumer requirements and delivered in several languages.

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