Soon after Google unveiled Android Wear earlier this year Motorola started teasing its new smartwatch, the Moto 360. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully designed smartwatches out there. Currently the device is only available in black and silver but it appears that Motorola has another color up its sleeve, one that some customers might really appreciate. Motorola seems to have inadvertently revealed the gold Moto 360 on its website.


Motorola recently posted a promotional image for the Moto 360 on its website. A reddit user spotted a gold Moto 360 among the usual black and silver suspects. As news of a gold model spread across the internet Motorola wasted no time in correcting the image, without changing the page layout it swapped the image. Later it uploaded a new image in which the arrangement of Moto 360 units was changed so as to give the impression that nothing had slipped away in the first place.

Obviously this slip up meant that Motorola PR was inundated with requests for comment. The company isn’t ready to confirm a gold Moto 360 at this point in time so PR said that it can’t comment on the existence of a gold model specifically, but said that “we’re always exploring new materials and we intend to provide Moto 360 in a selection of styles in the future.”

It is too soon to say right now when Motorola will allow customers to purchase a gold Moto 360. There may be some wait involved, keep your fingers crossed and don’t lose hope.

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