instagram-hyperlapseBack in August, Instagram launched a new app called Hyperlapse. For those who might have missed the announcement and our subsequent coverage, Hyperlapse is a video recording tool by Instagram that allows users to record time lapse videos using their mobile devices. What made it extra appealing was that it introduced video stabilization, a feature that was missing from iPhones until the iPhone 6.

Now the app was pretty barebones at its launch and it only supported recording from the iPhone’s rear-facing camera. Well the good news is that if you wanted to record time lapse selfies, you might be pleased to learn that the Hyperlapse app has been updated and will now support the iPhone’s front-facing camera.

This allows users to create new types of videos and thanks to the use of the front-facing camera, users will be able to keep themselves centered in the video as they will be able to see themselves better, as opposed to trying to record themselves with the rear-facing camera. Apart from the front-facing camera support, the app has also updated its design to support the new iPhones and introduced a host of bug fixes and improvements as well.

Hyperlapse is unfortunately only available on iOS at the moment. This isn’t because Instagram wanted to make an exclusive, but it was because of the different access to the camera APIs on Android that has prevented them from making an Android version. Like we said before, perhaps the developers could find a way around it, but until then it looks like Android users will have to sit this one out, for now.

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