Given the time differences, Australia was the first country in which would-be iPhone customers were able to purchase the new iPhones. In fact a recent video surfaced in which it showed an iPhone customer dropping his brand new iPhone while being interviewed about it. It was heart wrenching, although thankfully the device survived.

That being said, the the folks at PhoneBuff on YouTube have recently released a video (check it out above) in which they went ahead and conducted drop tests on both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Given that both devices are said to be short in supply, it does seem a tad wasteful to be dropping and breaking brand new phones, but for the sake of “testing”, we suppose it’s necessary.

The iPhone 6 when dropped on its side managed to survive. However when dropped directly on its face, it had its screen shattered. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, it seems that it could be potentially more fragile than its smaller sibling as all it took was a drop on its side to shatter its display. It has been suggested that maybe the distribution of weight in the larger iPhone could be the cause of it.

In any case Apple has never marketed their phones as being durable or rugged in the first place, although based on the video, you might want to take extra care of your new phone, or perhaps look for a sturdy and rugged case if you think you’re the sort that drops phones often.

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