iPhone-6-review-6Apple’s new iPhone 6 models have slowly made their way around the world and Japan is one of the markets that the device has launched in. Now so far we know that in the US market, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is currently outselling the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. It is possible that the larger iPhone 6 Plus could be too big for some users, but an alternative is that there isn’t enough stock.

Well it looks like over in Japan, it has also recently been noted that the iPhone 6 is outselling the iPhone 6 Plus by a factor of 4.6 to 1. That means that for every iPhone 6 Plus sold, about 5 units of the iPhone 6 are sold in its place. Once again we can’t be sure if this is because of preference where users are staying away from the larger iPhone, or if it is because of supply constraints.

Last we checked, the iPhone 6 Plus was sitting at an estimated delivery time of 3-4 weeks, versus the iPhone 6 in which customers only had to wait 7-10 days. While larger screens was one of the demands of iPhone users, it is possible that perhaps Apple had gone a bit overboard with 5.5-inches.

There are some hardware differences as well, such as a larger battery life, a higher resolution display which in turn gave it a higher pixel density, and optical image stabilization versus digital stabilization, but is this good enough to convince users to pay more for the larger model? For now it looks like the numbers aren’t supporting that theory. Perhaps when supply levels stabilize we can get a better look at it.

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