burnt-socketIt is more or less a well known idea that fake or knockoff iPhone chargers are simply not recommended to be used to power up the exhausted battery on your smartphone, simply for the fact that it could very well end up exploding, running the risk of serious injury or even death. Well, if you have always brushed aside such a notion, perhaps it is time to take things a little bit more seriously as the London Fire Brigade has just issued a warning that fake iPhone chargers might just explode as you are making a call with a charging iPhone.


Also known as the LFB in short, they reported that an unnamed woman was sent to the hospital after her alleged “iFake charger” exploded as she was carrying out a conversation. The LFB claimed that folks “who use these dodgy devices could be risking electrocution, burns or even a serious house fire”.

Firefighters were asked to attend to the woman’s house over in Wandsworth at one minute past midnight, and thankfully, there was no fire to take care of, although the woman had to be brought over to the hospital to treat her injuries. Apparently, the charger that she used was purchased for £7 from a local market stall. [Press Release]

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