makr-shakrI suppose the days of the faithful bartender who knows just what kind of drink you need in order to fix your mood (and subsequently, day) will eventually come to an end, especially when you take into consideration how a robot bartender has already been developed and is being tested. Not only that, we also have received word earlier on that at least one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship will be getting a robot bartender, and here are more details on it. Back then, we didn’t get the name, but it has been christened as the Makr Shakr, being a brainchild of designers over at the MIT Senseable City Lab. Sure, it might not be able to listen to your sob stories, but what it does is efficiently and consistently roll out your favorite cocktails.

The Makr Shakr will begin serving drinks on the state-of-the-art cruise ship ‘Quantum of the Seas’ later this November, and it is capable of creating close to an infinite range of drinks, thanks to its arms that are capable of dynamic movements, and also being able to indulge in heavy duty motions such as shaking and fine-motor skills including slicing fruit and garnishing drinks.

The Makr Shakr’s movements were modeled after that of Roberto Bolle, who happens to be principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater, with some help from Italian director and choreographer Marco Pelle. All three robotic arms will get to work, and the final product will be served through a conveyor belt, making it sound like some sort of sushi-clone.

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