arc-touch-mouseNow here is a mouse that not only looks futuristic, it also does seem to come with the kind of characteristics that would make you more than happy to show it off. Ditching the USB nano transceiver, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will instead rely on Bluetooth connectivity to get the job done when “talking” to another device such as a desktop or a notebook.


The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is tipped to arrive in the market some time later this month, where it will retail for $69.95 online – where you will be able to pick it up from the Microsoft Store and various other retailers. Of course, there might be some discounts offered by individual retailers, but the figure mentioned happens to be the recommended retail price.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will arrive with a touch strip in the center, allowing you to swipe, tap and flick so that you can navigate your screen with but a single finger. Not only that, there is also BlueTrack technology which lets you use it on virtually any surface, while you are also able to flatten the mouse in order to turn it off. Couple that with a new color and look, this particular version of the Arc Touch Mouse will hook up using Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology. [Press Release]

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