Microsoft is now the biggest OEM that makes Windows Phone powered devices. After its acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business Redmond itself became the biggest OEM for its own mobile platform. The company had a license to use Nokia’s brand for smartphones but it looks like Microsoft has made up its mind to slap its own brand on upcoming Lumia smartphones, at least that’s what an allegedly unreleased Lumia smartphone’s front panel shows.

The timing of this leak is quite interesting as yesterday an internal Microsoft document surfaced online. This document revealed that the company is going to stop using the Nokia and Windows Phone brands. Microsoft is expected to simply use the standard Windows logo in marketing material for new devices and this leak suggests that it may start actively using its own brand on smartphones.

This means that the leaked device will essentially be a Microsoft Lumia and not a Nokia Lumia even though, as previously mentioned, Microsoft has a license to use the Finnish manufacturer’s brand.

Close up of the front panel on the right shows Microsoft written across the top where one would previously find Nokia on a Lumia device. Its merely one leaked panel though and without confirmation from the company we can’t really be sure if future smartphones will indeed go by the Microsoft Lumia naming scheme. The possibility exists that someone might have created a fake so take this with a grain of salt for now.

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