surface-2-oosIt does take a certain sense of wisdom to know when to retire gracefully, and that is a question that athletes tend to ask themselves if they are at the top of their game for a while and start to see chinks in the proverbial armor. Having said that, the Microsoft Surface 2, which is out on the market for close to a year, might soon be phased out, especially when you take into consideration that the 64GB model of the Microsoft Surface 2 has been listed as out of stock at the moment. When one puts two and two together, chances are the annual tablet refresh from Microsoft might mean that the Microsoft Surface 2 is about to be phased out – quietly.

However, all of the above happens to be based on speculation and conjecture – there is no solid proof that the Microsoft Surface 2 is about to be phased out anytime soon. However, the Microsoft Surface 2 did get a price cut of $100 not too long ago, which might be the trigger for a buying spree, which could be an indirect way of helping Microsoft clear out their current stock.

Does this mean that the age of the Microsoft Surface 3 is on the rise? Only time will be able to tell.

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